Roland Kulen responds to PALGN walkout

Leigh Harris
Roland Kulen responds to PALGN walkout

Roland Kulen spoke to MCV about what happened on Tuesday 7th February with the PALGN editorial team leaving the site.

Disputing the claims that the server issues which formed the crux of the fallout were neglected, Kulen provided MCV with a detailed timeline from his end, outlining measures which were taken to ensure that the aging database of the site saw correct upkeep.

The emails which were leaked to pastebin indicated a miscommunication concerning whether the issues were being correctly addresses, and whether they were due to a RAM or database concern.

Kulen's timeline events come from PALGN's technical team, whose role was to fix the server issues on the site over the last few months.

The events presented in the timeline indicate an effort on their part to rectify the issues which were causing the distress amongst the editorial staff, with some absence of assistance in December, owing to personal concerns on Kulen's part.

In particular, the document also reveals a lack of communication from the editorial team to Kulen, and cites his own lack of access to a full and complete list of names and email addresses for each contributor and moderator as a key reason for the lack of ability to negotiate the issues.

The document also notes repeated unanswered emails from the technical team to the editorial team pertaining to the server issues, a meeting between Kulen and PALGN staff which was to take place to re-instigate proper communication, for which none of the editorial staff were in attendance.

Kulen is quick to stress that he has taken measures to buy the new server necessary to keep the site running, and that PALGN will not be shutting down.

Kulen told MCV: "PALGN's new server will fix a lot of the issues we've been having on the site, and will undoubtedly see the new site flourish once again. The editorial as well will grow naturally out of a strong forum presence and a new, fully functional PALGN people can be proud of."



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