REPORT: The films videogames are up against this year

Leigh Harris
REPORT: The films videogames are up against this year

With precious few consumer dollars and high profile titles hitting across videogames and movies, MCV examines the closest competitors.

Sleeping Dogs and Darksiders II (16 Aug) vs Total Recall (23 Aug) - The big cinema blockbuster this pair will be going up against is a full week behind their launch, and has had its hype somewhat muted by purist naysayers, so their main competition may end up being each other.

Borderlands 2 and Far Cry 3 (21 Sep) vs Looper (27 Sep) - While there's a raft of film releases happening on 20th September which could've soured the release of two of the year's biggest shooters, none of them were any real threat and the closest competition (Looper) stands a good while later and is a relatively unknown quantity at this point.

Redisent Evil 6 (2 Oct) vs Taken 2 (4 Oct) - While a better fit for RE6 might have been the upcoming Resident Evil film, its competition's prequel pleased audiences and critics alike, and bore a self-awareness which made it a great popcorn film, so it should garner its fair share of entertainment dollars.

Dishonored vs Lawless (11 Oct) - While John Hillcoat (The Proposition) makes an astonishingly good Western and hype for Lawless is high, Westerns aren't known for doing well at the box office, and Dishonored is a unique enough title to have its own fan base quite secure, leaving the action flick posing little threat.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter (23 Oct) vs Dredd (25 Oct) - While a big budget action sci-fi flick ought to be a perfect fit for gamers, Dredd appears to be a fan-pleaser and may be slightly niche as a result. Medal of Honor's biggest competition will be its own promises and of course Black Ops 2.

Assassin's Creed 3 (31 Oct) and Halo 4 (6 Nov) vs Various - A swath of mid-tier releases are coming out in time to combat two of the year's biggest games, but none which would dissuade a fan. Ride Like Hell (action), Sinister (horror) and End of Watch (thriller) are the most likely contenders, but none stand as big-budget cinema events which could stop these juggernauts.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (13 Nov) vs Skyfall (22 Nov) - The years undeniably largest shooter has no real threat in the lates Twilight movie (15 Nov), but its sales will undoubtedly push far further forward than its release date, so the release of Skyfall (the latest Bond film) almost a fortnight later, could make an impact. That said, the impact is likely to only slightly tarnish an otherwise straight shot upwards the game should see or possibly stagnate multiplayer server for two hours, but for both these franchises, consumers will find the money.


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