Real Racing 3 hits Google Play

Leigh Harris
Real Racing 3 hits Google Play

The premier racing (and technological showcase) title for iOS, Real Racing 3, is now being pushed out to Android devices.

"Real Racing 3 is the best in the series, sporting some of the most advanced multiplayer technology in the industry today," said Tony Lay, GM of the Firemonkeys.

"Time Shifted Multiplayer adapts everyone’s racing styles to competing cars on the track using leaderboards and previous times to emulate how they’d drive those courses. Now everyone will be able to battle against each other for bragging rights on the track anytime, anywhere in a more realistic manner."

The Google Play launch follows on from the huge launch the title saw in Melbourne, where it was opened to Australia and New Zealand by MP Louise Asher prior to its worldwide release.

Real Racing is free to play, and is available now on iOS and Android.


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