Razer CEO on why they chose JB HiFi as exclusive AU partner

Leigh Harris
Razer CEO on why they chose JB HiFi as exclusive AU partner

The new Razer 'Blade' laptop is coming soon to Australia, and MCV spoke to Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan about choosing JB HiFi exclusively.

The announcement was made at a media event in Sydney recently, with the high-end and incredibly thin gaming laptop being available outside of North America for the first time, and being stocked exclusively in JB HiFi's Sydney and Melbourne flagship stores.

Asked about their choice of retailer, Tan told MCV: "We are more of a pull kind of brand, so we don’t necessarily need a lot of channels out there. Even we weren’t available in Australia years ago, the Australian gamer would find a way to ship a product in from America. We wanted to find a way to come down to Australia while still being a brand you go out and find.

That’s why we’re really picky about the partners that we have in Australia. JB HiFi is one of them, and we hear they’ve got some phenomenal stores, but our Asian team came down and saw the Sydney and Melbourne flagship stores, and we just thought they’d be a great place for a phenomenal experience and to really experience a product.

It’s one thing to see AUD$2999 online, but to be able to feel, see and touch; to be able to see the build quality and be able to lift the hood off the Razer Blade – that’s something we wanted to be able to bring across.

We were looking at a couple of different partners in Australia. JB HiFi did a proposal and we were really excited about what they had in mind, so we decided to see how it goes.

When we talk about design, we don’t just talk about the design of a product. We talk about the package, the shelf, the way you walk up to it and see how it’s presented and stuff like that.

So, to be able to customise the entire design of the point-of-sale is a big deal for us. JB HiFi gave us a lot of latitude to be able to do that. That’s something which we really appreciated. To us, it shows a real understanding or appreciation of a brand as opposed to just saying ‘This is a rack – you put it there and it sells’, but if that were the case, we wouldn’t have gone with them."


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