PwC Media Outlook report sees healthy growth for games

Leigh Harris
PwC Media Outlook report sees healthy growth for games

The 2012-2016 Media Outlook report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers was revealed at an iGEA function in Sydney yesterday, and is on sale today.

The report was presented by PwC's Megan Brownlow, who has done so for the last three years running now, and projected 4.1% annual growth for the interactive games sector over the next five years, placing Australia above other 'mature' gaming markets, while being surrounded by Asian markets whose growth is expected to be in the teens almost across the board.

Brownlow said that the era we're now in can be termed the 'end of the digital beginning', demonstrating penetration of smartphones, tablets, e-readers and more which signify a readiness for the new markets to accept digital distribution easily.

Brownlow went on to suggest that gaming companies would have to manage multiple revenue streams moving forward, and that the rise of digital made such peripheral services as web apps, digital distribution etc no longer added extras, but expected avenues, and that brands would risk appearing archaic without them moving forward.

The full Media Outlook 2012-2016 report is available for purchase online or as a physical book, and individual chapters (including the chapter on interactive gaming) can be singularly purchased for AUD$39 each.

The report can be purchased from the PriceWaterhouseCoopers web site.

Thanks to the iGEA for hosting the report presentation yesterday.


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