PS4, Xbox One versions of Dark Souls 2 seem unlikely

David Wildgoose
PS4, Xbox One versions of Dark Souls 2 seem unlikely

Dark Souls 2 co-director Yui Tanimura says no thought has been given to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

When asked about the possibility of porting the PC version of the RPG to next-gen consoles, co-director Yui Tanimura told Edge that the studio has “not put any thought into this yet”.

He also said of the decision to release on last-gen machines: “At the start of development, we felt that there was still a lot of potential that remained unused in Dark Souls.

“I hope this can be seen with the demos and footage that we have released. Our intention was to capitalise on the total potential of [seventh-generation] consoles and deliver the game to fans as soon as possible.”

Tanimura then reiterated the studio’s intention to do a better job with the PC version of Dark Souls II than it did with the first game.

“We understand and accept a lot of the feedback we have received from fans around the world who have played the PC version,” he added. “We first decided to port over to the PC platform as a result of the petition signed by players around the world. And with our goal to release a PC version as soon as possible, it was a decision to simply port the experience over in the shortest amount of time possible.

“For the PC version of Dark Souls II, the game development will be based on the PC – we will make sure that the main PC game features are supported and also do our best to attend to a lot of the user feedback that we have received.”

Dark Souls II will be released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on March 14.


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