PS4 has outsold Xbox One 3:1

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PS4 has outsold Xbox One 3:1

Based on estimations from last quarter,  it is widely believed the PS4 has outsold Xbox One by more than three-to-one. 

Following the release of Sony's financial report overnight, it was revealed that they have sold a combined total of 3.5 million PS3 and PS4 units within the period. Although the figures aren't broken down between platforms, Sony had previously report that the PS4's strong performance offset weak PS3 sales, so it is safe to assume that PS4 accounted for the lion's share of this number.

The above comes just eight days after Microsoft reported it shipped 1.1m combined units of Xbox One and Xbox 360 for the same period, this was down .1 million sales on the previous quarter.

Even though there is a reasonable amount of room to move, with the precise sales share between previous and current gen, it is still suggested the PS4 has, at the very least outsold Xbox One by three-to-one within the period, if not more. 

Points to consider 

  • Neither set of figures break down sales by platform
  • Sony's figures report total sales.
  • Microsoft's figures report units shipped.
  • The Kinect-Less Xbox One was on sale for the final 3-weeks of the quarter, which at least locally, more than doubled Xbox One Sales.


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