PS4 gets 3D Bluray Support

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PS4 gets 3D Bluray Support

Following the 1.75 update on Tuesday PS4 is now 3D Bluray ready. 

Considering that PlayStation have added yet another feature to the long line of updated features, you could be forgiven for assuming that this would be universally popular. Though it would seem that some journalists have doubted it's relevance, with Jason Cartwright at techAU producing "PS4 gets 3D Bluray support, does anyone care?

The article finishes with "If you have kids, maybe you’re excited about this update and the additional 3D Blu-ray support, but it certainly doesn’t carry the same excitement as it may have around Avatar’s release". 

A quick look at the cinema box office index shows that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Transformers: Age of Extinction have dominated the charts with both movies offering 3D screenings. It seems that there is still some legs in the category, even if it might not draw the same hype as it once did.

Xbox is due to follow with an update sometime in August for the Xbox One.

We’d like to know if you think that 3D Blu Ray is past its prime or not.



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