PS Gamer Dads relaunches as The Gamer Dads

Joel Van Daal
PS Gamer Dads relaunches as The Gamer Dads

The move sees an increase in site content and a recognisation that readers aren't just playing on one device.

Founded in February 2015, PS Gamer Dadss was about providing busy dads with an insight to how technical a game can be for the consumer. PSGD came about off the back of constant interest from founder, Wade Rushton's friends about what they should be buying. Wade tells MCV Pacific, "Everyone use to ask me, Wade, what should I buy on my PS3/PS4 this weekend? I wanta sport game, or an adventure game - but something that is quick to pick up and play".

PSGD was built by investing in the community, growing from a meager 20 or so friends, to over 6,100 active members. Wade added, "Whenever I went to a page and asked a question - I would get flamed or not even answered. So, when I started PSGD I promised myself I would reply to ever person who ever spoke or asked questions of the page. To this day I am still operating that way".

Following this massive growth it became evident that the community were seeking out information on other platforms, with 82% of community respondents supporting the move. The new website has just launched, and the Facebook page has been re-branded to The Gamer Dads.

Wade concluded, "This is a fantastic opportunity to broaden the vision of what we consider when gaming. The current gaming landscape is diverse and extensive with a tremendous amount of varied experiences. This type of change in focus couldn't have been completed without a great bunch of administrators and a overwhelmingly sensational community. I felt it was time to open ourselves up and I am really excited".


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