Prison time for providing R18+ games to minors

Leigh Harris
Prison time for providing R18+ games to minors

With all the individual states and territories defining their own rules and regulations concerning R18+, what are the results?

Kotaku has taken a look into some of the harsher penalties, noting that the legislation amendments in Victoria will see infringements potentially carry jail terms.

While these are unlikely to be enforced, it's still an unwelcome side effect of the moral panic around games that the state government would see fit to liken providing games to minors in that category as being serious enough to warrant such a punishment.

New South Wales, meanwhile, has no prison time in store for anyone, yet has adopted some heavy fines, while Western Australia is the only state so far to see R18+ as an opportunity to appear hard on wrongdoers, referring the matter to a committee and potentially delaying the establishment of R18+ in that state.




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