Pre-orders already open for PS4 at EB Games

Leigh Harris
Pre-orders already open for PS4 at EB Games

UPDATE: JB Hi-Fi has just followed suit, also offering pre-orders at the same price and with the same guarantee of paying the lower one when it is announced.

Ever quick off the mark, EB Games already has a promotional splash page and 'placeholder price' up there for the Playstation 4.

It's putting the new console at AUD$899, presumably because it feels there's nowhere to go but down from there and it's always nicer for pre-ordering folk to pay less than expected than more.

In all likelihood, we won't know a final price on the Playstation 4 until E3 or later still, but either way it certainly makes sense to jump on the pre-order options as soon as possible while temperatures are still so hot from the reveal this morning.

The pre-order page has all the official Sony stats on the hardware, a picture of the new Dual Shock 4 controller and the wrap-up sizzle reel that Sony showed at the close of its press conference.


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