Pozible campaign up to get a Winnitron for Sydney

Leigh Harris
Pozible campaign up to get a Winnitron for Sydney

Anyone who's been to the Mana Bar in Melbourne will undoubtedly have played the indie-game arcade machine in the back room.

It's chock full of indie games and connected to a server which keeps the games up to date, and is limited only by the classic arcade-stick control scheme.

Mare Sheppard extolled the virtues of such machines at her recent keynote address at the Freeplay Festival, pointing out the value to a development community of working on such a project.

Super Lemonade Factory, a great little Melbourne-developed game, is featured on the Melbourne machine.

Now there's a Pozible campaign to raise funding for a model for Sydney, the next-best thing, if the project is to be believed, to having an actual Mana Bar in the city.

It'll require AUD$2000 to build, and is appealing to the game dev community in Sydney to help get the project up. It's being designed as a bartop portable model to travel to various industry events, rather than be a full standalone cabinet.

The Melbourne machine is the only one in Australia, but New Zealand has already got one completed in Christchurch (pictured).


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