Playstation Plus to deliver Battlefield 3 in July

Leigh Harris
Playstation Plus to deliver Battlefield 3 in July

Subscribers to Playstation Plus will be getting Battlefield 3, Saint's Row: The Third and more for free next month.

Playstation has been delivering titles to subscribers for months now in an aggressive campaign to build its user base.

Even with the service soon to be required for online play, the move, coupled with the fact that a Playstation Plus subscription will automatically switch from PS3 to PS4 when the time comes, is clearly aimed at capturing the current PS3 audience and winning them over prior to the new consoles launching.

Battlefield 3 and Saint's Row The Third are less than two years old, and were both high profile titles when they were released. PAYDAY: The Heist, Ninja Gaiden Sigma: Plus and Unit 13 are also on the slate to be rolled out come 4th July.


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