Playstation wants your creative input

Leigh Harris
Playstation wants your creative input

If you've ever been an avid Playstation online gamer, be it FIFA or LittleBigPlanet, your artworks are now in high demand.

Sony has sent word out that they're looking for players to submit short films (at two minutes max), photographs or artworks based on their online experiences while playing online.

There are prizes up for grabs which amount to 10 winners receiving the equivalent of GBP$1000 when the draw occurs on 7th April, or for 10 runners up to receive a Vita with a year's Playstation Plus subscription.

It's an unsubtle but effective way of hardening the bond between the already avid fans and the Playstation brand by having a emotionally creative investment in the relationship.

It may seem nonsensical to want to try and court your own hardcore consumer base, but with marketing as a whole changing shape so dramatically, it'd be simplistic and foolish to think that brand awareness was the be all and end all. The traditional sales funnel barely applies any more.


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