Playstation 4: The Games

Leigh Harris
Playstation 4: The Games

In spite of China announcing a carbon tax today, Playstation 4 remains the topic to end all topics, so here we go.

Let's do a rundown of the key titles shown at today's New York event.

Killzone: Shadow Fall: It looks nowhere near as gritty, dusty and hellish as previous installments in the Killzone franchise do, and boasts some great range of first-person motion, a gorgeously realised futuristic game world and some very cool action sequences. I'm cautious to know how much of what was seen was representative of the final product, but it sure looks like a massive step up for the franchise.

inFAMOUS: Second Son: Sucker Punch opened its presentation with a story about police brutality (or something approximating it), and hammered home the notion in its slick new trailer that resistance is anything but futile. Stylish and full of colour and cameras, the details are scant on the new game, spare for the obvious move that Cole McGrath was nowhere to be seen. The name tells us the rest.

DriveClub: I was surely expecting this one to be a Gran Turismo announcement, and at first thought DriveClub was the name of a developer of which I was blissfully unaware, but the level of detail in the car shown looks peerless, and the first-person perspective for actually walking around and getting into the car is shockingly obvious for immersion in a racing game, yet, oddly, never done before.

Knack: The token kids' game for the presentation seems to have been watching a lot of Pixar and Dreamworks films lately, with a Tokobot-esque little robot called Knack able to take on a multitude of forms by adding shapes and chunks to his otherwise frail little body. It's a bright, colourful affair which shows promise and looks like it'll be adorable.

Watch Dogs: Now announced for PS3, 360, PC, Wii U and PS4, Watch Dogs is looking better than ever. The Playstation 4 press conference demo wasn't as in-depth as the one which got everyone talking at E3 2012, but the same sci-fi environmental manipulation screams its obvious gameplay elements from the rooftop (literally at one instance), and the realistic environment and signature trenchcoat still continue to impress. As a PS4 launch title, this is most definitely one to follow with a keen eye.

The Witness: A trailer was finally shown for the next game from Jonathan Blow, creator of the XBLA hit Braid. There was a time when Limbo, Braid and more had Xbox dramatically on top with indie downloadable games. Sony doesn't appear ready to let that happen again, with Blow showing a trailer which gives off the vibe of The Witness, but little else. It's use of colour was outstanding, and you know you're in for something unique when the creator is actively boasting about how small the open world is.

Destiny: In yet another coup for Sony, Halo-creators Bungie are now working with Activision on a huge first-person MMO which looks like it'll form the next space epic without breaking a sweat. It's was described today as a 'ten-year project', so we shouldn't expect this one to be trilogised, but should be looking forward to ongoing, episodic and ever-changing gameplay which will evolve alongside the platform.

Then there was Square Enix, which showed an alread-available trailer for an interesting looking and very to-form game world, Capcom which pledged allegiance to the platform and showed the first footage of a title called 'Deep Down', and Media Molecule, who declared Playstation 4 the 'Console of Creativity', and showing off some impressive work they've been doing with the newly accurate move controller on crafting sculptures in real time.

There's been plenty on display today to get people thinking and keep talk happening until E3 comes around.


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