PlayStation 4 outselling competitors by two-to-one

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PlayStation 4 outselling competitors by two-to-one

An article in the Financial Review is reporting "Sony PS4 console sales outstrip competitors 2:1".

The Financial Review has published the statement in an interview with Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, managing director, Michael Ephraim. The article went online this morning and appeared also in print. 

Following a slow start from launch, the PS4 is reportedly now outselling both the Xbox One and Wii U by two-to-one.

The article states, "Market researchers NDP Group surveyed leading gaming retailers and found the PS4 was the number one selling console in Australia, outselling competitors Microsoft Xbox One and Nintendo Wii twofold since its launch last November."

With Ephraim attirbuting the success to, “People are realising it is the probably the most powerful console out there, they’re seeing that in the gaming ­experience .?.?. but we’ve also realised how people game”.

Following last week's announcement that the console has sold 10-million units globally, and the release of its first quarter results, which highlighted Sony's success is being driven by its Gaming Division, the Financial Review reached out to IGEA CEO Ron Curry for comment. Curry told the Financial Review, “Compared to this time last year, we are certainly seeing a very strong growth in revenue for console hardware”.

You can view the print article below, and read the article in full on the Financial Review site


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