Pioneering augmented reality app launches from Adelaide studio

Leigh Harris
Pioneering augmented reality app launches from Adelaide studio

It's one thing for the Wonderbook to allow cool augmented reality 3D graphics to be overlayed using a book...

...but it's quite another for an app to launch which doesn't require that you buy a specific book pre-prepared to run with the technology.

Resin, an Adelaide animation studio, has done just that, launching today with an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app for a children's classic book 'Two Left Feet'.

It works in a similar way to the likes of Wonderbook, with the reader holding up their device to the book and the app overlaying the 3D animated images (or 2D if you'd prefer) and narrating the book for you, with prompts to turn the pages.

The cool part is that anyone who already owns the book (which was initially launched in 2005) can have it work with the app off the bat. The potential for revisiting classic books in this manner is large.

The technology by Resin is called BoooKAPP, with Two Left Feet being the first title off the rank.

For a video of how it works, check out this video.



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