PikPok releases Dreamworks game for iOS

Leigh Harris
PikPok releases Dreamworks game for iOS

Wellinton-based mobile developer PikPok (subsidiary of Sidhe) and Dreamworks have dropped Dragons: TapDragonDrop on iOS devices today.

The game sees players navigate a 2D environment aiming to save a medley of disoriented sheep from across the landscape, burning things, grabbing things and solving puzzles along the way.

Chris Hewish, Head of Global Interactive for Dreamworks Animation, said: "We're excited to share TapDragonDrop with iOS gamers and fans of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. In addition to the fun gameplay and beautiful design of this title, we also plan to continue expanding our exciting world of legendary creatures."

PikPok has been creating several mobile games as an arm of Sidhe, including Monster Flip and Flick Kick.

Dragons: TapDragonDrop will is available now on iOS devices for $1.99. Check out the trailer here.


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