PAX Australia is selling tickets... fast

Leigh Harris
PAX Australia is selling tickets... fast

So it looks like the PAX team were right about there being some significant demand for the Australian debut of the expo.

The PAX team have told MCV that in addition to already having completely sold out of 3-day passes, they've already moved 20%, 50% and 25% of Friday, Saturday and Sunday passes respectively - none too shabby considering it was announced a month ago and isn't on until next July.

Guy 'Yug' Blomberg, PAX Australia Content and Communications Manager, told MCV: "The response continues to be overwhelming, especially considering the lack of specific details we’ve so far released."

"I guarantee it’ll be worth it though, it really is shaping up to be the same elements from PAX Prime and East alongside the best the Australian industry and community has to offer.”

PAX has no plans to release any further 3-day passes, and is quick to note that early-bird ticket prices close at the end of November.


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