PAX Australia becomes IGEA associate member

Leigh Harris
PAX Australia becomes IGEA associate member

Following IGN, PAX Australia is the second local company to become an associate member of the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association.

Ron Curry, CEO of the IGEA, said, “It is our job to advocate for the games industry and in the case of PAX 2013 it was an absolute delight to see our members and the wider games community come together to celebrate the culture of video gaming and to highlight that the engagement with computer and video games is now a mainstream activity.”

Bernadette Neumann, Event Director of PAX Australia said “We’re delighted to strengthen our collaboration with IGEA by becoming an Associate Member and add our support to the gaming publishers and local gaming industry in Australia and New Zealand."

"We hope our collaboration will give our industry global exposure and increase the passion of gaming locally to the benefit of everyone.”

Associate membership of the IGEA was first opened last month following a strategic review with PriceWaterhouseCoopers' Megan Brownlow.


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