Patch Kolan joins One to Another

Leigh Harris
Patch Kolan joins One to Another

One to Another has had a new face join its ranks in the form of Patch Kolan, formerly of IGN, Insert Coin(s) and PUG fame.

Kolan had previously spent some time in PR at Pulse Communications as well, and will be joining the team primarily to take on the Capcom and AIE accounts, as well as helping the agency's expansion into new markets.

"It's a delight to be working with the award-winning One to Another team," said Kolan. "Simon Alty is internationally renowned for his marketing knowledge and industry leadership, and Bec Waddy is simply born to PR - most would agree she's one of the hardest working games PR figures out there."

"Of course, the whole O2A team are the best in the industry at what they do, from games to film and broader entertainment. I'm extremely blessed to be able to help grow the brand further."

Kolan will be taking over responsibilities from David Wildgoose, who has left the company along with Courtney Brough recently. Wildgoose will be heading back to journalism, working as a freelancer.




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