Parliamentary inquiry into Australian IT pricing confirmed

Leigh Harris
Parliamentary inquiry into Australian IT pricing confirmed

The parliamentary inquiry into the higher prices of IT sector goods and services in Australia has been confirmed by Minister Stephen Conroy.

The inquiry was first asserted by Labor MP Ed Husic, and was revealed as definitely happening by Conroy over the weekend.

Husic told GameSpot AU: "I'm hoping companies will take this opportunity to explain their pricing in Australia. This will also give consumers the chance to talk about how this affects them."

"The best response to this would be companies recognising that this is what consumers want and adjust their pricing accordingly. If this enquiry finds examples of consumers being ripped off, I imagine the ACCC will become very interested."

While higher prices in Australia have been on the media radar for some time, there is no consensus as to whether or not the prices are justified amongst local gaming press.

GameSpot AU has the full story.


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