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Overnight Bites

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Ghost Recon: Wildlands claims Japanese number one, as Switch sales fall by 81%

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands sold 94,017 copies in its debut week to knock The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) off the top of the chart. Nintendo's flagship title saw a 75% week-on-week decline. Sales also dropped on the Wii U edition by 61%.

As is commonly seen, the Switch saw a steep decline in hardware sales, down 81% from 330,637 units to 63,420 units this week. The result still saw the Switch outsell its closest rival, PlayStation 4, by more than two-to-one. Full charts MCV UK.

UK Industry valued at a record £4.33-billion

The 2016 full year figure is up 1.2% on 2015, with software sales exceeding £3-billion for the first time. Almost a third of this figure came from the mobile games market. VR hardware sales were included in the evalutation for the first time (£61-million) as the industry saw a steep rise in PC hardware sales, up 64%, with high-end graphics cards a driving force.

Dr Jo Twist OBE, CEO of Ukie, said: “Our sector is constantly innovating and investing in new experiences, technologies and talent, resulting in the strong and resilient games industry shown in this £4.33bn market valuation. It has been an excellent year for the industry, including the release of first commercially available VR headsets, an exciting year for our national eSports scene, and the explosion of the UK mobile market, which is now worth nearly £1bn alone." Full story on MCV UK.

World console market down last year with PlayStation claiming 51%

A report by IHS Markit has revealed a 2.5% market decline in global hardware sales in 2016. Total consumer spend across hardware, content and services was estimated at US $34.7-billion. The loss is attributed to both declining unit sales and hardware pricing. In total hardware unit sales attributed US $10.5-billion, down 18% of 2015. PlayStation claimed the lion's share of sales with 51% compared to Xbox's 26%. Full story at MCV UK.

Kevin Bruner steps down as Telltale CEO

After assuming the role in 2015, Telltale CEO, Kevin Bruner will be handing back the reigns to the company's founder, Dan Connors.
Bruner told to his staff this week, "Today I am writing to let you know that I'll be stepping away from my position as CEO of Telltale."

"We've grown aggressively since Telltale's inception, and now Telltale is bigger than I ever dreamed it would be. There are many possible futures for Telltale, and all of them are exciting and uniquely challenging. The time has come to pass the reins to someone that can better drive Telltale to the next level and realize all the potential that is here." Full story at GamesIndustry


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