OPINION: Why the Xbox One sales record is meaningless

David Wildgoose
OPINION: Why the Xbox One sales record is meaningless

Today Microsoft claimed the record for the highest opening week console hardware sales in Australian history.

The NPD Group confirmed the figure sat at 65,917 Xbox Ones sold, more than double the previous record.

Australia seems to have bucked the global trend: in the US the PS4 is estimated to have outsold the Xbox One by 66% in November and in the UK the PS4 beat the Xbox One by a similar margin in the first 48 hours.

But all these figures are mere noise. They are public relations at its most perfunctory.

And they mean nothing for the long term success of either platform.

Indeed, all the new Australian record for the Xbox One indicates is that Microsoft were able to get more stock into the channel than Sony.

EB Games merchandising director Shane Stockwell confirmed to MCV that Microsoft had more inventory at launch. Today you can walk into many stores (not just EB) and pick up an Xbox One.

Meanwhile, many of those who pre-ordered a PS4 still don't have their console.

When asked how many PS4 consoles EB might have sold if supply was not an issue, Stockwell said, "Easily double, comfortably triple and maybe even quadruple the number that was available.

"We stopped taking preorders for Day 1 on July 5 2013. We also stopped taking preorders for 2013 delivery on the August 26, at which point we started taking preorders for 2014. That should give you some idea of the level of demand."

So, yes, the Xbox One has a new record. Congratulations. But let's not pretend it actually means anything.


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