8.7% of people employed in digital games development in Oz are female

Leigh Harris
8.7% of people employed in digital games development in Oz are female

Kotaku picked up the news today that the Australian Bureau of Statistics has released a fresh dose of information on local game dev.

The statistics were sought by the ABS in alignment with Screen Australia's new interest in the industry, and doesn't put things in a great light, considering that the last time a survey of the Australian development industry was made was five years ago before many larger developers were closed by their overseas owners.

Still, there are now 581 people employed in the games industry as compared with 1431, and 245 games were produced.

The overall income for the development industry was AUD$89.4 million, as opposed to AUD$127 million five years ago. (Note that these figures only count income directly to game developers from games they produce locally, and are not part of the retail and publishing stats released each year).

Females made up a paltry 10.8% of employees in the sector five years ago, but today represent only 8.7%.

It's worth adding, however, that given the nascent and DIY nature of so many of Australia's newest studios, it's possible that these numbers don't reflect many people who are making money in the industry, but have not yet formed official companies.


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