Online retailers: focus on fast shipping, says SmartCompany

Leigh Harris
Online retailers: focus on fast shipping, says SmartCompany

Patrick Stafford over at SmartCompany wrote a piece yesterday bemoaning the lengthy wait times of delivery from most e-tailers.

Citing an Ernst & Young report which suggests that waiting times are the number one concern for Australian customers - hardly surprising, considering the vast land mass and rather disastrous postal system.

Stafford looks at ways e-tailers can win customers over from brick and mortar by offering up some practical suggestions including multiple distribution centres (only realistically available to the top dogs) or ensuring a regular flow of popular items (not unlike physical retailers) in anticipation of orders before they happen.

In any case, he argues, shipping concerns will continue to be a barrier for Australian online shoppers, especially during the Christmas period, and ought to be at the forefront of e-tailers' minds.


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