NSW looking to re-rate some MA15+ games as R18+

Leigh Harris
NSW looking to re-rate some MA15+ games as R18+

New South Wales MP Greg Donnelly said today that he would be taking measures to re-classify upwards of 50 games when R18 arrives.

As reported on Kotaku, Donnelly said: "“Following the introduction of the new framework on 1 January 2013, steps will be taken to look at what are colloquially referred to as the 50 video and computer games — at least 50 — that it is believed in one way or another have been shoe-horned into the MA 15+ category and should now be rated at the higher classification.”

This echoes the noise (to an extent) made by the Attorney-General for South Australia John Rau, who wanted to move all games rated MA15+ up to R18+ and essentially abolish the MA15+ rating in doing so, but has since dropped this idea and is in support of the new classification.

It's been made clear that games which have previously been refused classification will still be so once R18+ comes into effect, and Brendan O'Connor (when he was Minister for Home Affairs) had previously said that no game classifications were going to retroactively change.

MCV is seeking clarification on whe the issue from the Australian Classification Branch.


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