Nintendo: We remain focused on dedicated hardware

David Wildgoose
Nintendo: We remain focused on dedicated hardware

Satoru Iwata has reaffirmed Nintendo's commitment to dedicated video games hardware.

“We believe that we can capitalize the most on our strengths through a hardware-software integrated platform business, and therefore this type of dedicated video game platforms will remain our core focus,” the company's president said in a note to investors.

“We will continue to value the spirit of originality described in our motto ‘The True Value of Entertainment Lies in Individuality’ and will continue to provide products and services which pleasantly surprise people.”

The statement backs up similar commitments made by the exec in January in the wake of Nintendo’s troubling financial results.

Some industry observers have questioned Nintendo’s strategy of pursuing dedicated hardware, but there’s no real sign of the company changing tact – indeed, a strategic reshuffle of its console and handheld divisions points to fresh ideas being very much in the works.


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