Nintendo eShop sports an Aussie section

Leigh Harris
Nintendo eShop sports an Aussie section

In a very welcome move for independent developers, Nintendo's eShop has a region-specific section so you can look for locally made games.

The lion's share of the Aussie games on display for download are from Sydney-based developers Nnooo, which have been long-time devotees of Nintendo platforms, digital in particular.

Bruce Thompson, Business Director at Nnooo, told MCV: "It's great for us, the other Aussie devs and Australia to be recognised like this in the Nintendo eShop, not just in Australia but across Europe too."

"We've never seen a separate "Developed in" shelf on the eShop before and we think it's a great idea. Hopefully we'll see other countries featured too."

There are currently 14 titles in the Australian section on the eShop. Nnooo's titles include the critically acclaimed EscapeVektor (pictured) and the recently released Spirit Hunters.


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