Nintendo Direct 3DS airs at midnight tonight

Leigh Harris
Nintendo Direct 3DS airs at midnight tonight

Following on from its direct address on the upcoming titles and news for the Wii U, Nintendo is at it again, this time for the 3DS.

Tonight at the below times across Australia and New Zealand, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata will be outlining upcoming noteworthy titles and events for the platform via a live stream at the Nintendo Direct Web Site.

Local Nintendo Direct Broadcast Times:

22:00, 14th February (WST) - Western Australia
23:30, 14th February (ACST) - Northern Territory
24:00, 14th February (AEST) - Queensland
00:30, 15th February (ACDT) - South Australia
01:00, 15th February (ADST) - Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, ACT 
03:00, 15th February (NZDT) - New Zealand


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