Ninemsn to host online games channel with MMGN

Leigh Harris
Ninemsn to host online games channel with MMGN

A new deal has been struck which will see Melbourne-based gaming site MMGN (who I've freelanced for from time to time) handling gaming content for Ninemsn.

The new online channel is called GameFix, and will have its own section on the NineMSN site which can be reached on the 'entertainment' tab on the home page, with some content being able to break onto the NineMSN homepage.

Hal Crawford, Ninemsn editor-in-chief, said: “We’re excited about building up the GamesFIX community and site functionality, making it easier than ever before for the gamers to connect with others online and share relevant content via their social channels."

"This is yet another example of our commitment to building valuable new audiences and putting our users at the heart of everything we do.

The launch is being spearheaded by Digital Agency Mi9, and will see MMGN editor Ben Salter and Ninemsn Entertainment Editor Hayley Foster.

Roy Hui of MMGN said: “Games are the fastest growing form of family entertainment, and we're very excited about developing GamesFIX with ninemsn. This partnership will deliver the biggest and best of the games industry to all Australian."


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