New Zealand crowdfunding site allows tax rebates for donations

Leigh Harris
New Zealand crowdfunding site allows tax rebates for donations

Boosted, a crowdfunding site aimed specifically at building up private contributions to the Arts in New Zealand, is open to games.

One such game, coming from art outfit Misery and game misfits InGame, is Holly Melancholy: The Game, and adventure game which tells the story of a young goth girl trying to rescue her two little sisters from a world full of ghosts and witches.

The game is a collaboration between artist Tanja Jade, who created Holly years ago and has been painting her as street art along Auckland's K Road amongst other places, and Stephen Knightly of the NZGDA's development outfit InGame.

While Holly Melancholy is only in concept stages at the moment (as the video below shows), it's an interesting project for Boosted as it demonstrates with clear focus the desire for any entertainment funded through the site to be artistically focused in a strong way.

Boosted is intended to encourage private donations to the Arts in New Zealand by offering a 33% tax rebate on all donations, and was created by The Arts Foundation.

Check out the Holly Melancholy pitch video below:



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