New South Wales govt invests $300k in local game development

Leigh Harris
New South Wales govt invests $300k in local game development

The Interactive Media Fund has lived up to its name, funding several up and coming projects in gaming throughout New South Wales.

Specifically, it is contributing AUD$291'000 to four local development projects.

  1. ACO3D, in which the Australian Chamber Orchestra will see its performances enhanced via projection-mapping.
  2. The Hive, wihch combines social networks, TV and online, aiming to bridge the divide between solving in-game problems and real-world problems.
  3. Earthquake Buddy, which uses seismic data and geo-tagging to pinpoint the location of loved ones when earthquakes hit.
  4. Additional business development support for Mod Productions, which is working on ACO3D.


Andrew Stoner, New South Wales Deputy Premier, said: "The NSW Government’s Interactive Media Fund is designed for commercially-oriented projects that are destined for distribution on web-enabled platforms or devices and interactive video game consoles."

"The global digital games market is expected to more than double to $53 billion by 2016 and mobile gaming to triple to $17.5 billion, so the potential for Sydney and NSW to build its share of the high-value digital games sector is significant."


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