New development studio forms in Melbourne

Leigh Harris
New development studio forms in Melbourne

Former Blue Tongue Entertainment (de Blob) staffers have created a new Melbourne-based dev studio aimed at mobile and tablet platforms.

The new studio, heralded Three Phase Interactive, is comprised of Paul Baker, Chris Burns and Drew Morrow. Its first project will be a game called Stunt Jumper, which will mix traditional 2D stunt courses with complex physics engines with ludicrous and insane vehicle upgrades to deliver high-octane arcade gameplay for iOS devices in mid-2012.

Paul Baker, Technical Director at Three Phase, said: "All three of us got started in the industry by diving in and making stuff – games, mods, animation, artwork. It’s so exciting that we can get back to those DIY roots and just focus on making a game together and bringing it to market without all the red tape and organisational overhead of a large studio."

Blue Tongue was formerly owned by THQ until it was shut down in August last year.


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