National Cultural Policy postponed

Leigh Harris
National Cultural Policy postponed

A Gillard government National Cultural Policy which had the digital sector as one of its key motivators has been pushed back.

Speaking to Gamespot last year, Federal Arts Minister Simon Crean (pictured) described the need for the government to be proactively involved in videogame development, and cited games and the digital sector more widely as being key drivers behind the need for the National Cultural Policy itself.

As reported in Business Day in the National Times, the National Cultural Policy was initially going to be announced alongside the budget, but is still scheduled to be released this year.

It is unknown precisely what benefits the report would have yielded for the games sector, however with the strong focus on bolstering the digital sector, there could be significant support and funding for the industry when it is finally released.

It will be the first report of its kind to come out of the federal government in almost 20 years.


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