Namco Bandai 'attempts' world record with Tekken

Leigh Harris
Namco Bandai 'attempts' world record with Tekken

Next Tuesday, some 400 IGN readers will be attending a tournament for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at the iMAX Theatre in Sydney.

The event will showcase the upcoming game as well as have prizes for the winners, but more importantly, it is Namco Bandai Australia's attempt at setting a videogame world record as officially recognised by the Guiness World Records for having the largest screen ever used for a videogame tournament.

It does make one wonder why it's an 'attempt', since the size of the screen isn't likely to increase or decrease in between now and Tuesday, so it's pretty safe to say that unless many strings are pulled by some opportunistic mob elsewhere in the world, Namco will be setting this record.

The winners of the tournament will be placed in the European finals. The game is out on PS3 and 360 on 13th September.


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