Mortal Kombat for Vita refused classification

Leigh Harris
Mortal Kombat for Vita refused classification

The Australian Classification Board has refused classification for Mortal Kombat: Game of the Year Edition for Playstation Vita.

The content of the game is almost identical to the core game which was refused classification last year (bar a few new characters), so it's hardly surprising that the game was received in the same way as the original, however it speaks miles for the Vita that the graphical fidelity it can muster produces images every bit as shocking as its console counterpart.

Warner Bros Interactive commented: "Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment submitted Mortal Kombat Vita for classification to the Australian Classification Board as we believed that the smaller screen of the PlayStation Vita greatly reduced the impact of violence."

"This view was not shared by the Australian Classification Board and as such has been Refused Classification in Australia."

Mortal Kombat for home consoles was originally refused classification in February last year, and an appeal by Warner was met with the same result.

The refusal to allow the game for sale in Australia garnered its share of controversy, given the extreme similarities between gore in the new game and previous titles in the series, lending focus to grey importing sites and leaving the Australian Classification Board with the usual bout of criticism from a consumer base struggling to understand the rules.


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