Mortal Kombat finally coming to Australia

Leigh Harris
Mortal Kombat finally coming to Australia

One of the best fighting games of 2011 was denied entry to Australian shores, owing at least partially to our lack of an R18+ rating.

The original game was Refused Classification by the Australian Classification Board - a decision which was upheld by the Australian Classification Review Board when Warner Bros appealed the decision.

Consequently, Warner never bothered to submit the Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition (technically a different title) for classification in Australia when it hit US shelves in February of last year.

The guidelines, however, are applied in the context of their times, so whatever previous decision was made around the original game wasn't to be taken into account when this 'new' title was submitted for classification under a healthier regime which included an R18+ rating option.

The Komplete Edition (which contains the original game, the 1995 film, the soundtrack, classic costumes for teh characters and all available DLC) has come back as R18+ for Moderate themes, High Impact violence, Moderate language, Mild sexual themes and Mild nudity.

There are arguments floating around on social media that this represents a huge win for gamers and that the skepticism that Australia would have all it's previously-rated MA15+ games simply rated R18+ and the number of Refused Classification titles was unfounded.

While one game with a previous RC precedent can hardly be considered definitive, it's still nice to see a sober decision be made.

One must wonder whether or not other publishers who previously didn't bother trying to classify something in Australia may now give it a go. In any case, Warner Bros is deserving of praise not just for re-submitting, but for its original appeal of the decision, neither of which are cheap.


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