More X-Com on the way

Leigh Harris
More X-Com on the way

Strategy god Firaxis is helming a remake of the original X-Com, flanking the re-imagining of the series in the works at 2K Marin.

2K Games announced the remake today, which is entitled X-Com: Enemy Unknown. 2K is promising a 2012 release date and an 'instantly recognisable' experience for fans of the original series.

The re-imagining of X-Com, which is being led by 2K Marin and previously supported by 2K Australia (prior to their shift onto Bioshock Infinite), is still looking to take the concepts from the original series into new territory as a modern squad-based shooter. The re-make by Firaxis, meanwhile, looks set to deliver an updated version of the classic and much-loved strategy game, and is being developed by a studio known for its exemplary efforts in the genre.

X-Com: Enemy Unknown will be available for 'today's consoles' and Windows PC.


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