MOGA ships to Australia

Leigh Harris
MOGA ships to Australia

The controller which lets your Android device 'snap' onto it was revealed locally at PAX Australia and is now on shelves.

It makes 'clumsy and uncomfortable gaming on phone screens a thing of the past', according to the press release, which also boasts of the MOGA's warm reception at PAX and says it anticipates a similarly strong reaction in Australia that it received in the US and UK.

“After much anticipation, we’re excited to be introducing the MOGA Pocket to the Australian market and paving the way for quality mobile gaming controllers,” commented Eric Bensussen, President of PowerA, the makers of MOGA.

“We genuinely believe the MOGA Pocket represents a game changer in the sector, providing consumers with a portable gaming experience which is currently lacking in the market place. If the success we’ve experienced in the US and UK markets is anything to go by, we think that it will be very well received in the Australian market."

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is among the titles which support the new device, and it undoubtedly lends itself to the creation of a new market in old-school console games which simply don't translate to phone.

While I've never personally found Fruit Ninja to be 'clumsy' (and I feel many publishers who have released titles which support MOGA would take umbridge with such a notion as well), it's a potentially huge step towards yet further market fragmentation.

The MOGA is on sale now at EB Games for AUD$59.95.


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