Mixed responses from retail on Xbox One

Leigh Harris
Mixed responses from retail on Xbox One

While in a recent interview with Rob Jenkins from Gametraders it was made clear they're not for Xbox One's policies, it's not unanimous.

JB HiFi spoke to Kotaku earlier today, and stated that:

We anticipate sales of the Xbox One to be bigger than Xbox 360 and given the continuation of Xbox 360 as well, we see the potential of both ecosystems in the market. We do not perceive any impact to the existing prevalence of the preowned market.

Browning went on to confirm that the measures taken by Microsoft wouldn't impact the company's purchasing decisions at all.

EB Games Australia and New Zealand certainly still be lending equal weight to both consoles as well, but then again neither retailer would want to be seen as being deficient in one of the two biggest gaming events of this Christmas.



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