Mindscape picks up 10 Serif apps

Leigh Harris
Mindscape picks up 10 Serif apps

Serif, creators of WebPlus X6 and MoviePlus X6, are going through Mindscape for distribution of 10 applications in ANZ.

The titles announced so far include PagePlus X6, WebPlus X6, DrawPlus X5, MoviePlus X6, PhotoPlus X6, CraftArtist Platinum and the Essentials Range.

“Design, editing and creativity software is growing in popularity," said Mindscape GM Tonia Valesco. "and Serif has the market covered by appealing to both consumers and small businesses. Their products offer customers a one-stop solution.”

The Essentials Pack is goind for AUD$49.95, while the Plus X range will go from AUD$79.95 to AUD$99.95.


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