Millipede Creative Development launched Bullistic Unleashed

Leigh Harris
Millipede Creative Development launched Bullistic Unleashed

Melbourne-based developer is launching Bullistic Unleashed today, a chaotic and hilarious physics puzzler for iOS.

The frenzied game will see players negotiate multiple stories within levels, smashing bulls into as much as possible in this latest entry in what the developer is refering to as the 'throwing things into other things' genre.

Millipede Creative launched 'Bullistic' in early 2011, and saw it climb to #4 and #3 in Australia and New Zealand's free app charts respectively.

After receiving funding from Film Victoria, the team has launched Bullistic Unleashed on the Australian / New Zealand app store today, and is rolling it out to other countries through the day for AUD$0.99 (with the standard price after the launch discount being AUD$1.99).

The team at Millipede Creative have also launched a trailer for the game here.


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