Microsoft quick to announce growth after 2011 sales are revealed

Leigh Harris
Microsoft quick to announce growth after 2011 sales are revealed

Following on from the report on 2011 sales, Microsoft issued its own statement confirming growth over the same period.

The iGEA report demonstrated a slight contraction of 12.8% overall in the retail market for videogames in 2011, Microsoft were happy to boast that they grew 5% year on year in total platform revenue, and that Xbox was the only platform to demonstrate this growth in 2011. Playstation took the number one position in total unit sales for the year.

December 2011 was the Xbox's highest-selling month, and saw the console take the number one position during that Christmas period.

David McLean, Director, Consumer Channels Group at Microsoft Australia, said: "It's clear to see that the momentum in this industry is with Microsoft and the Xbox platform. We won at the telling Christmas period, we are standalone in our growth this year and looking at the past five years our consistency is unprecedented."

"We can attribute this to Xbox's diversity - we have something truly unique with Kinect, a lineup of blockbuster titles and a complete entertainment offering with movies, music and television on Xbox Live."

Microsoft went on to confirm growth of 39.5% year on year of Xbox Live subscribers from its own internal data, and pointed to Kinect as a key reason for the console's success.


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