Microsoft officially opposes SOPA

Leigh Harris
Microsoft officially opposes SOPA

In a statement released yesterday, Microsoft has declared that it opposes the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act in its current form.

The official statement from Microsoft reads: "We oppose the passage of the SOPA bill as currently drafted. We think the White House statement points in a constructive way to problems with the current legislation, the need to fix them, and the opportunity for people on all sides to talk together about a better path forward."

This measure comes within hours of Wikipedia protesting the bill, and follows in the wake of US house majority leader Eric Cantor stating that there would be no vote "unless there is concensus on the bill", lending credence to suggestions that the bill may not see the light of day.

Protests against the bill are borne of the shockingly broad spectrum of power it grants for shutting down entire web sites which are accused of infringement.

At 5:30pm this afternoon, editor of CNet Australia Seamus Byrne will be appearing on the radio talk show 'Hack' on Triple J, where he will be discussing SOPA and sister bill PIPA (Protect IP Act) in depth and outlining the ramifications of such a bill locally.

People interested in learning more about this controversial set of bills can stream the show here.


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