Microsoft apologises for Twitter comments

Leigh Harris
Microsoft apologises for Twitter comments

Over the last few days, Microsoft has been in hot water over some tweets which came from Adam Orth, a Creative Director at Xbox.

Orth had tweeted that he didn't understand the drama around the 'always on' philosophy, arguing that all our devices today are connected anyway, perhaps ill-advisedly using the hashtag 'dealwithit'.

Manveer Heir, a designer at Bioware, then accused Orth of not catering to those who didn't live in the 'always connected' environments he was used to, being based in the likes of Seattle or Los Angeles for most of his career.

Orth's response was: "Why on Earth would I live there?"

Now, Microsoft has issued an apology as noted on Kotaku, which doesn't really disagree with Orth sentiments about 'always on', fuelling rumours that its unannounced next-gen console might have such functionality built into it from the ground up. Of course both that and the console itself, have yet to be confirmed or denied by Microsoft in any official capacity.





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