MCV Pacific Women In Games: Lisy Kane

Joel Van Daal
MCV Pacific Women In Games: Lisy Kane


Lisy Kane continues a stellar twelve months with an inclusion in her third straight Women In Games List.

Lisy has shot to prominence in the industry for her work at League of Geeks and Girl Geek Academy, co-founding the latter.

At League of Geeks, Lisy helped to release Armello in 2015, with the title being a finalist for the IGF 2016 for Visual Arts. The studio would also claim Studio of the Year in 2016 at the Australian Game Developer Awards late last year.

Lisy has continued to push the boundaries for Women in games and tech, continuing to run unique events such as SheMakes_Games and SheHacks through her startup Girl Geek Academy. Her efforts have seen her recognised globally, with Lisy included in this year's Forbes 30 Under 30 - Games. She travelled to to Israel earlier this month for the Forbes EMEA conference. Lisy was the only Australian included in the Forbes list this year and was invited to talk on Triple J and had interviews across ABC news and more, showcasing the importance of her achievement.
Girl Geek Academy has received two rounds of funding from the federal government and Launch Victoria to run events like MissMakes_Code and SheHacks_Victoria.

She was also recognised at home, being selected as a part of our 2015 30 Under Thirty. Lisy also received the Film Victoria Women in Games Fellowship in 2016 and will be visiting Media Molecule and Obsidian as part of this in the coming month. She also recently was awarded Film Victoria Tim Richards award for her contributions to the industry.

Speaking to MCV Pacific, Lisy said, "Being included on the list and as a finalist for the Creative Impact and Outstanding Achievement of the Year Awards is such an honour considering the caliber of women on the panel as well as listed beside me. This year, the list amplifies women who are doing awesome things from so many different corners of the videogame industry in Australia/NZ and it's so incredible to be considered as part of this group of legends."

"For those out there who say women "just don't want to work in tech or videogames" this list shows how false these statements are, this list showcases only just scrapes the surface of the diverse workforce we have growing in Australia/NZ and it's going to keep growing."



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