MCV Pacific Women In Games: Cheryl Vance

Joel Van Daal
MCV Pacific Women In Games: Cheryl Vance

The Prideful Sloth founder appears in our list for the second straight year.

Cheryl has enjoyed an amazing 12-months since we profiled her as a part of the 2016 Women In Games List. In November last year Prideful Sloth announced Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, with production going full steam ever since. The title has been touted as a game that is helping to change people’s perceptions of games.

Cheryl has travelled extensively over the past four months promoting the title. She’s had the opportunity to meet an amazingly wonderful and diverse international gaming community. While promoting Yonder, Cheryl has used this as an opportunity to encourage future generations (with their families support) to consider STEM’s careers.

Outside of work, Cheryl has been active as a peer mentor with local developers, has been promoting industry betterment with agencies and business peers, she was a mentor for Tech Girls are Superheroes and was a recipient of the Amplifying New Voices scholarship for GDC.

Speaking to MCV Pacific of her inclusion in this year's list, Cheryl told MCV Pacific, "I cannot begin to say how special, and unexpected, my inclusion was in the 2017 Women In Games List. It’s humbling that my accomplishments over the past year are recognised. Also, the high calibre of the selection committee makes the nomination that much more meaningful."


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