MCV Pacific Women In Games: Ally Mclean

Joel Van Daal
MCV Pacific Women In Games: Ally Mclean

Entering the MCV Pacific Women In Games list for the second straight year, Ally Mclean continues to excel.

Ally first burst onto the scene as one the country's first professional cosplayers. She pioneered the space in Australia, developing structures and best practices for publishers, brands, event managers and developers to connect with cosplayers and their communities

She has worked with Hi-Rez, Microsoft, Blizzard, Downward Viral and others, on events and community consultancy. Ally was an Indie Games coordinator for Haven Expo, bringing together a showcase of national talent and has worked for CD Projekt Red on The Witcher 3.

Ally made her way to games full time, joining as a Producer at Hammerfall Publishing before being promoted to create a new arm of Hammerfall Publishing, Robot House - focused on developing original IP games. She now serves as Project Lead at the studio, she has also acted as Producer at Plastic Wax. Their first title, Hulabear, has been featured globally by Apple and been received phenomenally well - it trended nationally, featured in Gizmodo, CNET, played on the Rooster Teeth network.
Outside of her day-to-day work, Ally has spoken events globally about mental health and wellbeing, female representation in games and is an advocate for gaming charity Special Effect.

In the past twelve months she was a Boss of Honour at GX Australia - speaking on body image, bisexual representation in games, mental health, female sexuality in gaming communities. She was a speaker at PAX Aus - speaking on visual effects, digital card games and CD Projekt Red, mental health and wellbeing, data analysis, the future of VR. A speaker at GCAP - hosting Fireside Chat with Kim McAuliffe discussing the female experience in game development, gave a lecture on engaging with cosplay communities.

She also produced a stage show for the main theatre of PAX Aus - The Great Debate ft. Lawrence Leung, Jordan Raskopolis, Alan Duffy, Lucy O'Brien, Liam Esler, David Quinn. Hosted Whose Panel Is it Anyway at PAX Aus ft. Ken Wong, Josh Boggs, Jeremy Ray and more.

Additionally she has had appearances on Sky News, ABC, SBS, Triple J, Bonus Stage discussing video games, game culture and tech. She appeared at Warsaw Games Week, demoing Gwent on livestreams for Microsoft and Polish games media and organised an online fundraiser with Blizzard ANZ, EA Australia and more to raise money for Special Effect, a charity that builds custom consoles and controllers for gamers with disabilities.

Ally has headed up a number of large campaigns. She was the face of XBox Onesie, was the faace of a gaming themed campaign for the Australian Olympic team and Optus and hosted Haven Expo's main stage, moderating and hosting discussions about cosplay communities, indie games and voice acting with international guests like Matthew Mercer and Sam Witwer.

Speaking with MCV Pacific about her inclusion in this year's list, Ally said, "Every opportunity to pursue my passions in games has been afforded to me as the direct result of the guidance, honesty, help and support of the incredible wealth of mentors and friends the industry has provided. Seeing those people represented on this list and in the team behind assembling it is what makes it truly impactful for me to be included. I'm thankful daily for the women who made it possible for us to pursue our goals, and hope to continue their work for the women and girls striving to break into the industry today."


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