MCV Pacific Women In Games: Alayna Cole

Joel Van Daal
MCV Pacific Women In Games: Alayna Cole

Alayna Cole is changing the face of diversity representation.

Alayna founded Queerly Represent Me - a database about the representation of queer identities - in May last year. The database features greater than 750 titles, all of which were individually researched by Alayna outside of her day-to-day responsibilities. Since its formation, QRM is now maintained by a small team, which Alayna directs.

In the past twelve months Alayna has also published a number of academic and journalistic publications, many of which are about the representation of diversity groups. She acts as writer for FemHype, PC & Tech Authority, Impulse Gamer, and a number of other publications. She also serves as an editor for PlayWrite.

Alayna has also spoken at a number of conferences and conventions, including JCSG, DiGRAA, PAX Aus, and AAWP

Outside of her ambassador work Alyna founded Horned Llama Studio, releasing several titles both through the studio and independantly. These include Enthymema, Snapshot, the Constellations demo, and a number of smaller experimental titles.

Alayna has also taught at the University of the Sunshine Coast across the Bachelor of Serious Games, working with first year students in introductory game design and interactive narrative design courses. Here she assisted in organising the Women in Games afternoon at the University of the Sunshine Coast to support women and non-binary students, both at the university and those attending high school in the local area.

Speaking of her inclusion in this year's list Alayna told MCV Pacific, "I am honoured to be included on this list alongside some amazing, inspiring women, who are working in an industry that I care deeply about. I am forever in awe of the work being done by the people who surround me—both those on and off this list—and I have endless respect for so many people in our industry, and I’m just glad that people I care about can see value in my contribution."


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